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Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art which emphasizes blending with and redirecting the force of an opponent's attack. Techniques taught are primarily defensive, and include a variety of joint locks and timing throws. Students practice both against unarmed opponents and with traditional martial arts weapons. To learn more about the principles and techniques of Aikido visit the New York Aikikai info page.

The Cornell Aikido Club is a non-credit university sports club. We are affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation (USAF) and Aikido Headquarters Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

We train on the second floor of Teagle Hall, in the gymnastics room. Please use the stairs next to the main foyer.


Weekly Practice Schedule:

Please show up at least 5 minutes before the start of class to help set up the room and warm up.

The Cornell Aikido club practices all year round - including summer and other semester breaks. Additional off-campus practices are also held, and members often travel to area seminars taught by visiting instructors.

Fall semester dues are $70. Please pay by Sept 13th to avoid a $10 late fee. (The late fee does not apply to new students.)

Finger Lakes Aikido offers classes on Mondays and Fridays from 6:00-7:30pm.


Beginning Aikido Practice:

We accept new members at any time.

The club runs a four week beginners' class every September. If possible, this is the best time to begin learning Aikido. However, as the majority of our training is done in pairs, it is always the case that one person is more senior and one more junior. The senior student always adjusts to a level appropriate for the junior student. Because of this adjustment, it is ok to begin at any time. You will be integrated into practice at a level that you can handle.


Continuing Aikido Practice:

As a university club, we understand that our members become extremely busy during the course of the semester. While we believe that Aikido practice usually gives back more energy than it takes, we know that sometimes members must devote themselves fulltime to their studies. This is as it should be. We'll still be around when your crunch is over. If you miss a few classes, or a few weeks, or whatever - don't worry about it. If you enjoyed practice, and want to come back, just come back.


Upcoming Events:

There are a number of interesting upcoming aikido events in the area. Mark your calendars now...

Sept 13

Cornell Aikido Club demo. Teagle Hall gymnastics room. 7:45-8:15pm

Sept 15 - Oct 18

Cornell Aikido Club beginner's class. Tue/Thu 7:00-8:00pm, Sun 12:30-2:00pm



Yukiko Katagiri 257-7930

Mark Reichert 257-7658 (Email Mark if you wish to be added to our mailing list.)

Photographs and Information:

Map of Cornell campus

Cornell Club Scrapbook

Pictures from seminar with Okimura Sensei, Nov 2003

Rules for Aikido Practice

Summercamp checklist

Other things that Mark finds interesting


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Cornell Aikido Club members after a seminar given by Okimura Sensei hosted at Cornell.

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