Summercamp checklist:


Yudansha/Yukyusha book

□ Keiko-gi (I like to have at least five)

□ Weapons (And if you have an extra bokken, bring it – they break.)


□ Lots of spare underwear

□ T-shirts (may let you go an extra class without having to do laundry!)

□ Sandals (you’ll be in these a lot!)

□ Hat or cap

□ Casual clothes for most of the week.

Nice clothes for the party!

□ Comfortable sleeping clothes

□ Swimsuit

□ Towels

□ Rain gear (poncho/umbrella)


□ Earplugs (in case your neighbors like to party)

□ Alarm clock

□ Pillows (I've gotta have my own)

□ Sheets (usually not needed)

□ Fan


□ Snack bars (I recommend Clif bars)

□ Drink mix (Hammer Nutrition's H.E.E.D is great! Also good is Cytomax Tangy Orange)

□ Water bottle (Nalgene 32oz.)

□ Brita water filter

□ Cooler - fill it with ice that you buy in town

□ Ice packs - keep them in the cooler


□ Medical supplies:



  antibiotic ointment

  liquid skin


  lotion - for roughed-up feet


□ Camera and/or camcorder (and tripod, tapes, power splitter, ...)


□ Insect repellent

□ Sunblock


□ Soap, shampoo, shaving supplies, toothbrush, …


□ Laundry supplies:

  basket and/or heavy duty garbage bag

  detergent (Tide Tablets)

  □ $10+ in quarters. - Unless where you’re going uses a card system. (Like Colgate does.)


□ Baseball mitt


□ Book to read in spare time


□ Cell phone/charger


□ Checkbook and/or some cash


□ Map/directions to get there!


Note: this checklist might be missing things. Use common sense. Please email me if you think something should be added.