Bare-Rife Plasma Generator For Sale

Selling one of my spare Bare-Rife plasma generators, built according to Dr Bare's specs. Highest quality parts - Kinnaman F1C function generator (20 frequency memory with variable timing and pulse rate for each), Cheb bubble tube with H-gas and getter, black face amp with cooling fan for unlimited run times, 40 amp power supply. Starts quickly and runs very well, see video. All components still "individual" so you can experiment to your heart's content -- substitute other components easily! Includes all cables, wires, connectors and setup instructions, truly a plug & run system. Includes one original of Dr James Bare's book on building Rife machines, with specs and experimental frequencies.

Component list:

The video shows full start-up from turning on the power supply through tuning. As you can see, in the video the amp is set to medium power and the power supply is running at 12.5 volts, which I've found gives longest component life with good start-up and running performance. The tube lights when you see the SWR suddenly drop on the MFJ 949E. (And no, the CB isn't saying "hi", it's saying "14" upside down!) The amp will easily deliver over 100 watts of forward power with the amp on high and the power supply at 13 volts, but I have found this lowers component life unnecessarily.

As this is a used electronic system, condition of sale is as-is. I guarantee you will receive exactly the components, cables and wiring listed above and shown in the pics and video, so if you follow the instructions it should fire right up. Asking $650 plus shipping plus insurance (if desired), within the continental US only please. Shipping sorta-fragile glass tubes overseas is risky...

For those wanting the easiest running, I also have a Cheb Phanotron tube that can be substituted for the bubble tube (instead of, not in addition to) for an additional $100.

Inside of CB radio showing power cap, transistor and cooling fin mods
Electronic components of machine, assembled in stack
Another shot of the electronics stack
Cheb H-gas bubble tube. Getter is covered by right-side electrode, but you can see the supporting glass rod.
Insides of the MFJ-949E. Be aware that some people sell these burned out, you would see black residue everywhere. This one is almost new!
Pic of SWR and power meters while machine is running at medium power, 12.5 volts.
Pic of tube while running. As you can see, this is just inside a window during broad daylight, this is a bright tube!
Switching to hi power gives these readings, but still at 12.5 volts.
Cables, wires and balun behind the stack.
Looking straight down at the electronic stack.
Pic of Dr Bare's book.
AVI movie of machine starting up and running