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Kaballah Tree of Life
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Local Items of Interest

Original Works

Here are some things posted here first (more coming soon). Please do not post them elsewhere, or spread them around, without letting me know and giving proper credit to the author(s).

Four pieces you need to read: Life of Man (summarized); summary of the book The Three Acts of Life by Stephen Haslam and Paul Solomon; an excerpt on Egotism by Israel Regardie; and an excerpt from a yoga manual on chakric energy. If you keep the central points of these four works in mind you can hardly go wrong in your search for understanding.

Other People's Writings and Collections

These were posted elsewhere on the Net first, were done by other people, and are made available here for your convenience (lower server load at this site = better speed!). Please let me know if any of these pages are hopelessly outdated so I can track down a newer version. URLs for the originals of these documents are given in the Qabalah Links section.

Some bits from the Voyagers mailing list run by The Monroe Institute. (To find their site see the Centers & Groups link section far below.) These are not astounding bits of info, just good relevant ones like how to subscribe to the list, the list FAQ, being calm, what's an OBE etc. The rest you can go find for yourself! ;)

Gateway to the Qabalah - Very short, only 5k in length.
Colin Low's Kaballah FAQ - Very very well done. Medium short, about 84k in length.
Neophyte's Guide to the Qabalah - Read this if you are interested in this Path. Short, about 25k in length.
Neophyte's Guide to the Qabalah - By Colin Low, dated 1992. Very long, about 343k; very very good description of all the essentials of the Qabalah Tree of Life.
Magi's Guide to the Internet
Master Index of New Age Sites
Table of Planetary Talismans
Journe Smed's OBE FAQ
List of books on Qabalah - I haven't read all these.

Images and Movies

Here are some pictures, images and movies related to Qabalah or other esoteric things. Thanks to those who took the time to scan them in or draw them, then post them for the rest of us!

Little MPEG movie of OBE. Illustrates one way to do this necessary function.

Brainwave files

If you are interested in exploring brainwave states, OBE, lucid dreaming and other such things there's no substitute for your own experience. I strongly recommend you take The Monroe Institute's Gateway program, or at least get a few of their tapes and work with them. See the section on Center & Group Links for more info on TMI. Also, please note that though I can now make some pretty nice sound files I still get better results using the Monroe Gateway series tapes, so I use them almost exclusively. I've tried other brands and for me the Monroe tapes are the best by far.

Because of their tremendous size (about 24 files of 1.4 megs each or so, and a collection of 5 or 6 files of 18 - 24 megs each) there are no sound files on the server. If you want me to email you one or two single-frequency files please drop me a note stating the brainwave state you're interested in (alpha, theta etc) and expect a 1-5 meg email with attached files in return. Be sure you understand how your emailer handles binary file attachments. Sorry, I won't be your tech support guy, you'll have to figure out your email system using your own resources. To understand how these sounds do what they do you'll need to study brainwave entrainment / hemispherical synchronization etc; again, you're on your own.

Yes, with a bit of effort and a lot of time (if you have a Pentium 133 or 166 expect to spend 3 hours getting used to the process and four more hours to make anything worthwhile) you can make brainwave synchronization sound files like those sold commercially as "alpha" or "beta" or "theta" tapes using CoolEdit by Syntrillium - simply follow the directions in the appendix of their excellent user's guide. In addition, I wrote a piece on the specs of a series of basic brainwave entrainment sounds I created using CoolEdit. This is an ASCII text file to minimize cross-platform problems in case you can do the same sorts of things on another platform (Mac, Linux etc) using another package. Save the notes file below to your own computer, get CoolEdit from Syntrillium's website and follow the instructions to build some sound files yourself. It is quite simple (though boring after a while) and in learning how to do this you will be able to create any entrainment tape you might think you need.

Notes on generating brainwave sound files BE SURE TO READ THIS BEFORE WRITING FOR ANY BRAINWAVE FILES! You can make them yourself quite quickly, why not try it? :)))

Mind Machine review site - commercial for review periodical.

Some bits from the Voyagers mailing list run by The Monroe Institute. (To find their site see the Centers & Groups link section far below.) These are not astounding bits of info, just good relevant ones like how to subscribe to the list, the list FAQ, being calm, what's an OBE etc. The rest you can go find for yourself! ;)

Paul Solomon

Paul Solomon was many things: a Baptist minister, an Edgar Cayce-style trance channel, founder of the Fellowship of the Inner Light, one of my teachers and a heck of a human being. Paul passed on in 1995, leaving behind over 2200 trance readings, thousands of hours of video and audio tape and many talented teachers who are spreading his material around the globe. His wife Sharon has started a book giving an overview of ILC as well as looks at some more controversial topics. The release date for this book has not been set; my estimate is sometime in the second half of 1998.

I felt Paul's greatest works were the Inner Light Consciousness course material and the Bible study series. Paul put great value on the Self-Esteem Survival Kit. Ruben Goedhart hopes to make these available again. Several popular TV shows have featured sections of Paul's work, the latest being Ancient Prophesies II which runs periodically on the Discovery Channel. The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon, a book published in 1995, gives very interesting insights into Paul's background before going into the predictions as the title promises. I am less interested in prophecy per se but found the first 50 pages of this book among the best material published on Paul's early life.

To me the TV shows focus on the flashy parts of the work. The really useful parts of the work are the description of our relationship to God and the Universe, the tools for personal transformation contained in ILC, the information on relationships of all kinds, and Paul's non-sectarian views of religion in general and Jesus in particular.

I was fortunate enough to know Paul personally, learn a lot from him, and even work for him briefly. I can answer questions about him in a brief fashion; just drop me a note.

Click here to go to the Solomon Research Foundation website. The Foundation is run by Paul's wife Sharon.

Paul Solomon Links and Works Available Online:

  • The Solomon Research Foundation.
  • David Emmanuel's Paul Solomon Page. Haven't met David in the flesh yet; he's real nice over email. This is a very good site with quotes from the of the Readings and lots of good stuff.
  • One section of this file was written by Stephen Haslam and Paul Solomon. The sections are, in order: Life of Man (summarized); summary of the book The Three Acts of Life by Stephen Haslam and Paul Solomon; an excerpt on Egotism by Israel Regardie; excerpt from a yoga manual.
  • Resource International, a business consulting business run by two of Paul's students, Rob Pennington and Stephan Haslam (the minister who married my wife and I).

Centers & Groups

Association for Research & Enlightenment (ARE) The group that carries on Edgar Cayce's work. This is the psychic to whom all others must be compared. If you haven't heard of Edgar Cayce read the short biographical book There is a River which presents a fair but slightly biased look at his life. The last section of this book, in which Thomas Sugrue attempts to distill the essence of the "Cayce Philosophy", is absolutely outstanding.

The Aletheia Institute The Jack Schwarz Center Web Site. Jack Schwarz is one of the few people who can demonstrate, under rigorous laboratory conditions, what he calls the "mind-body-spirit connection." In the book Beyond Biofeedback Dr. Elmer Greene of the Menninger Foundation tells how Jack was able to contol bleeding and healing in his body to a remarkable degree. Jack has written many books which I think are classics in spirituality, self-help and personal growth. The early ones concentrate on techniques and specific knowledge (like Human Energy Systems) while the later ones are more esoteric and inspirational (I Know in My Heart). Best of all, he's a great guy in person.

The Monroe Institute (TMI) Robert Monroe's first-class organization. Monroe wrote one of the first modern books on out-of-body-experiences (OBE) based on his own experiences and search for their meaning. His first book Journeys Out of the Body is a true classic, and while it may show some of his own hangups it is an absolutely honest, straight-forward presentation of "what happened to me" by a real first-class guy. He built nice buildings too -- here's a pic of the front of the Center and here's a pic of the back of the Center as they were when I went there for the Gateway program. Beautiful building, custom made for doing what they do, and the attention to detail shows. And here's a sight you can't miss - the natural gas tank with it's Virginia Blue Ridge backdrop.

Servants of the Light School of Occult Science Founded by W.E. Butler, contemporary/pupil of Dion Fortune. This is another first-class group started by a first-class guy. Butler's books can be hard to find but they're worth the search. The SOL site includes some occultist biographies that are short but very informative (hint). W.E. Butler featured with some online writings available (hint hint). Also, read the Excerpts from Solomon (hint hint HINT!!!).

Peter Russell's Spirit of the Now page He's the author of The Global Brain, a fantastic book from the late 70's/early 80's that shows this modern thinking stuff has been around a good long while.
Gaunt's House in England Friend Ron was quite active here for a long time.
Fraternity of the Hidden Light
School of Pythagoras
Synopsis of the original Pythagorean Mystery School
The Virtual Adepts Home Page Semi-serious virtual Zen.
The Traditions Home Page.
Famous Western Mages by Tyagi Nagashiva.
Omega Institute in NY Check out their list of links in the "Exit Door".
Damanhur Project, Italy Neat project to build a temple, well documented here!
Hollyhock Holistic Island Retreat
Oibibio Center Holistic group in Holland. Site is in Dutch.


Colin Low's Kabbalah Site -- best Kaballah site on the Net, period. A must-visit.
Colin Low's Notes on Kabbalah -- simply excellent. A must-read.
Clickable Qabalah Tree! Really nice! It's from the site listed next.
The Hermit's Lair Really good site which is trying to pull a lot of stuff together.
Links to Links to ... A bunch of great links here, as the name implies.
The Aleph Beth with Qabalistic Relationships
The Sefer Yetzirah
Occult file directory at
The Gateway to Qabalah
The Meru Project
Liber Eureka sub figura DXXXIV, by Shawn Knight
FAQ about Kabbalah, by Colin Low
The Virtual Tree Of Life Home Page
Colin Low: Cabalah (HTML version)
Colin Low: Cabalah (Ascii version)
Planetary Talismans
Qabalists Guide to the Internet
Christopher's Home Page
The Sefer Yetzirah (short version)
The Sefer Yetzirah (short version, with comments).
Reading the Torah with Equal Intervals by Daniel Michelson.
What is in a name?. About the secret meaning of the tetragrammaton.
Beyond the Personal God by Daniel C. Matt.
The Kabbala of Shakespeare by Paul T. Olson.
The Anatomy of God by Frater Achad.
Gematria: Magic/Magick by Michael Freedman.
The Christian Cabalah by Cindy Smith.
Image of the Fourfold Universe, and acompanying text.
The Restored Tree by Frater Achad.
The Aleph Beth with Qabalistic Relationships
Kabbalah: A Real Basic Introduction by Karen Chapdelaine.
Sacred Images Gem, a Gematria hypercard stack for Macintosh by Ron Hale-Evans.