Just playing with it for right now.

a Old 220W PC power supply, timer/driver board, ballast resistor, coil and spart plug

b Same as above at first glance, I don't see the difference... ???

c Hooked up to Cheb H-gas bubble tube. This was the first testbed setup, tossed together and run on 2/5/2000.

d Slightly closer view of output side so you can see some more detail of primitive wiring and such. ;))) The wrap around the tube is just the 'starter wire' for the BR setup, 22 ga single strand copper, pulled back to it's own side of the tube (cold or ground side).

e Closeup of the timer / 555 side of the driver board.

f The second setup -- Randazzo 80/20 bubble tube wired in. The wire from the spark plug is just clamped to the electrode wires with an alligator clip. The braid is RS braid used to drive the tube when used in a BR device. I wrapped it up and used it for the tube handhold, worked pretty good.

g Closer view of wiring. You can figure out the non-board wiring from this pic.

h Overexposed look at darlington transistor side of driver board, showing heat sink etc. Haven't had heating troubles yet, even though no fan on the trans yet.

i Another closeup of the timer / 555 side of the driver board. Looks slightly better than above pic E, more detail on the wires so will leave both.