Stolen Olson Guitars

David Wilcox's Olson: #331(?)
Date of theft: March 28, 1997
Place of theft: An airport baggage handling area, probably at Denver Int'l Airport
Identifying features:Black Calton case; serial number probably 331, Sunrise soundhole pickup and RMC bridge pickup (a new and currently rare brand). There are other features specific to this guitar that can easily identify it.
Contact: David's manager, Tom Simonson (, 503-246-1479).

Tom's description of the event follows:

On Friday March 28, 1997 one of David Wilcox's guitars was most likely stolen, probably from Denver International Airport from either the USAIR or United Airlines baggage handling areas or the United Airlines baggage office areas. As best we can figure, it happened somewhere between 2:30 PM Denver time and 7:00 PM. David was bumped and he traveled on one airline and his baggage, including the guitar traveled on the other.

At this point it appears that the guitar has been stolen rather than misplaced or sent to Des Moines or something like that as both airlines are unable to locate it in there systems and are pointing the finger at each other, so if anyone comes across an Olson guitar recently listed for sale in the Denver area (or elsewhere) that is in a black Calton Case please let me know at (Tom Simonson 503-246-1479) There are some identifying features that are very specific to this guitar. Olson's are suitably rare that they tend to stand out, hopefully it will turn up somewhere.

Thanks for your help.
Tom Simonson
Carter/Simonson Management