A Quick Walk
Through Jim's Shop

Here's the entrance to the shop, viewed from the Olson home. The garage door is for moving large machinery and supplies in and out of the shop (mostly in!).

This is the ground floor area just inside the garage door (which is to the left). You can probably see why Jim needs the big door! Most of the big machinery is located here. The large machine towards the far wall is the Fadal computer-controlled machining center. To the right is a 12" table saw. Another table saw and a radial arm saw are also in this area, along with a bender and a Bridgeport machine.

Here is where the wood is stored. That's a milling machine on the ground level to the right.

Lots of fine sawdust is produced in this room! The large green machine in the middle is the thickness sander used to sand boards to a very precise thickness. Jim built it himself! Extra sanding belts are hanging up to the left. The duct work clears away sawdust as it is produced.

More sanding—here's a whole row of belt sanders. That's a bandsaw in the back to the left.

The shop probably looked huge in the outside photo at the top of the page, but not an inch of space is wasted inside. Even the wall space is used! Here a collection of clamp jigs occupies the back wall. To the left is the neck machine that Jim used to carve necks from a template before the Fadal took over this duty.

Another wall put to good use, this time storing a number of routers, each set up with the proper bit at just the right depth to perform a specific function in one of Jim's many custom jigs.

Here we've moved up to the second floor, where much of the assembly work is done. The shelf on the top is loaded with bodies in progress; hanging along the back wall are guitars that are largely assembled. To the left (outside the photo) are wide benches for assembly, and vacuum presses used for gluing braces to guitar tops and backs.

Here's another bench where assembly work is done. This one is against the "Wall of Fame" where you can see photos of some of Jim's well-known clients. This must be a pretty inspiring location to work at!

Here's the finishing room, where the finishes are cured. No sawdust is allowed in here! In this photo 25 necks are having their finish cured. Once your whole guitar makes it here, it's almost out the door; the long wait for your Olson is nearly over!