Routers Galore!

Jim uses routers for many tasks. It would be too troublesome and time-consuming to be changing bits and precisely adjusting the cutting depth for each task as it arises, so Jim has a large number of routers, each carefully set up for a specific task. This photo shows just a few of Jim's routers, and this page shows just of few of the special jigs and fixtures Jim has created to guide routers for various tasks.

This jig guides a router to trim the sides ("ribs") to the correct length after bending. A rib is mounted and clamped in the jig; then the router is run across the aluminum plate on each end and cuts the end of the rib to a precise length.

This fixture holds the assembled sides firmly in place and guides a router to trim the edge.

Another view of the edge trim fixture.

Once the body is assembled, its edges have to be very carefully routed to create a ledge for the binding. Jim has created several tools to help with this exacting task.

Here you see Jim in action routing the binding ledge. An articulating arm holds the router in a fork attached to its end. Jim scavenged the fork from one of his kids' old bikes! Also visible is a custom-made table for holding the body in place during the operation.

A close-up of the clamp holding the router in place in the fork. One side of the fork is visible. Also visible supporting the router from the bottom is a metal routing guide Jim made on the Fadal.

The two components of the binding ledge routing guide are visible here.

Here the guide has been secured to the router; the router bit is visible protruding through the plate.

A close-up of the assembled routing guide, showing the bit and the tip of the guide block that sets the thickness of the ledge.