Modern Luthier

A Video Presentation from Jazzbud Productions
Hosted by Will Ackerman

William Ackerman, acclaimed acoustic guitar instrumentalist and founder of the Windham Hill record label, hosts this video providing an intimate peek into the world of guitar making. Will interviews Jim Olson as well as luthiers from Froggy Bottom, Breedlove, and Klein Guitars about their unique approaches to the art of luthiery. The video features performances on instruments from each of the makers by Ackerman, Ed Gerhard, Rob Eberhard Young, and Bill Cooley. It opens and closes with performances on a lovely Olson guitar.

For more information about the video, including ordering instructions, visit the Jazzbud Productions Modern Luthier web site. In August 1997, Acoustic guitar magazine briefly (and very favorably!) reviewed Modern Luthier; you can read the review at their August 1997 Hit List page.

Also featured in this video is one of Jim's infamous and beloved Hawaiian shirts!