I am concerned as a political individual that the United States, the country of my birth, is beginning a slide down the slippery slope of fascism. Voters have such limited effect on the outcome of important decisions, corporations have more rights than real flesh-and-blood citizens, and the mainstream media are so homogenous that the majority of people are fairly uninformed. I find this sad and disturbing. Now that we are on a war footing (possibly indefinitely with such a nebulous and easy to redefine enemy as terrorism) we have to be extra vigilant. Our leaders may be as much of a threat as any terrorists. It is our job as citizens to keep ourselves informed, keep our eyes and ears open, make our own decisions, and vote accordingly. In the event that voting does not work, or the majority becomes brainwashed enough, it is our duty to stand up for our rights even to the point of revolution if that is all there is left.

   This is a great country, and I would hate for us to lose our collective freedom because in a time of fright we proxied our right to think for ourselves to a handful of greedy individuals who offered a false sense of security in exchange for our liberty.

      An interesting article came my way recently describing exactly how slippery the slope is, and how quickly a democracy can turn into a fascist state. These are some dangerous times, and we should be very careful not to follow this precedent: When Democracy Failed: The Warning of History.

       This poster is adapted from a Spanish Civil War propaganda poster. It's essentially unaltered, aside from the text which has been roughly translated from the original Spanish. The original poster was designed by Badia Vilato. For more info on the original poster, go to http://www.wolfsonian.fiu.edu/collections/c7/propaganda6.html.

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