Dealing with Lightlink's barracuda spam system

Frequently asked questions:

"I see all of these headers at the beginning of the message like 'X-Barracuda-Spam-Score: 1.38' and others and I want them to go away"

"I didn't get a message that my sister sent me and it was really important"

"How do I make sure that nothing my sister ever sends me will ever get tagged or quarantined?"

"What does [BULK] mean?"

"What are all of these 'Spam Quarantine Summary' messages all about?"

"Why do I get the quarantine summaries every day, I would rather have them once a week, or never, for that matter"

"How do I get the barracuda to deliver absolutely everything to me so that I can sort it out myself?"

"How do I make it so the barracuda doesn't even tag things that are destined for me?"

"How do I change my password so that it is something that I can remember?"