I got painfully sick of my old, shiny website. probably you did too. It actually required you to be running IE 4.0 +. This is amusing, because I only run linux. I couldn't even view my own stupid page. Now, at the time I put that up, I was really entranced by all the fancy tags, and rotating and burning graphics, and cutting edge javascript, and the like. Now I have seen the light. I will henceforth worry only about content. Content, then function, then form. And speaking of form, I should mention that I weigh nearly 40 pounds less than I did in that picture. Vanity compels me to mention that. OK?

Yay! new pictures.

What you need to know about me.

I am a mechanical tech at a startup that makes linear motors. I also am their production supervisor, webmaster, and database scripting guy. Their website can be found at MagneMotion.com. My little brother, Lars, did the design of the site as a summer intern (with some help from yours truly) , and I maintain and update it. I've also been a professional chef in a past life, the restaurant I helped start is John Thomas Steakhouse . I also fancy myself an artist of sorts, and of late, that has manifested in a desire to paint anime style cels.

Jackson's Obsessions

Now, obviously, these obsessions compliment each other, and possess many subcatagories, so I can be expected to discuss japanese cuisine, or setting up scanners in Linux, or painting japanese anime, or mecha design, or watercolor painting, setting up japanesng up japanese environments in linux, &tc. This list is by no mean authoritative or up to date! I may become obsessed with learning the Hangul alphabet any day now! My obsessions wax and wane, and some may languish themselves right off the chart. But enough exposition! I'll get on the content right away! Thanks for stopping by, Jackson. (aka. William Peterson)

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