How to Join or Support IHA and its programs

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The members of the Ithaca Health Alliance make our community health programs possible. Members guide the organization through voting in referenda and board elections and through direct feedback. Members who volunteer with the Health Alliance help shape our future through planning our programs and how they function. Health service providers create the IHA community health network and are an integral part of our vision of community members helping each other in health: discounts offered by provider members can make the difference between getting health care or not being able to afford health care at all.

Some people support the mission of the Health Alliance even though they do not require the services provided by our programs. These Sponsor and Affiliate members donate to the ongoing development of health systems for our communities. Discounted membership rates are given to businesses and community organizations that wish to enroll employees/members. IHA also offers free memberships to those financially unable to join.

Note that the medical assistance grants offered through the Ithaca Health Fund program are available to General and Provider Members, including donated members. A New York State residence is required for these membership categories.

The Ithaca Health Alliance is dedicated to health and health care, but it supports other projects dedicated to local community development as well. We are proud to accept Ithaca HOURS as a portion of membership donations and loan payments.

  1. General Memberships — These members can live anywhere in New York State and can access all programs offered; however, most educational, discount and free clinic program options are concentrated in the Tompkins County area. General membership is $100 donation per year for an adult, $175 per year for an adult couple, and $50 per year per child. General memberships are payable 25% in Ithaca HOURS. Click here for the General Membership application form.

  2. General Memberships for Businesses and Organizations — IHA offers special membership donation rates for businesses that wish to enroll employees as general members and organizations that wish to enroll their members as a group. Businesses may enroll employees for $80 per employee per year (20% discount). Employee significant others and children may be enrolled for usual member donation rates ($75 partner, $50 child). Like all General memberships, these are available to NY State residents only. Businesses may pay 50% in Ithaca HOURS. Click here for a Business Membership application.

  3. Provider Memberships — Provider members are an essential component of the IHA community health network. Health service providers who practice any health or wellness modality may join as Provider members for a donation on a sliding scale ($50-$100 per year, payable 100% in Ithaca HOURS). Provider members agree to offer a standard discount on professional services rendered to Ithaca Health Alliance members and are listed in the IHA Provider Member directory. Like General members, Provider members are eligible for program benefits such as Health Fund grants. Click here for a Provider Membership application form.

  4. Donated Memberships — These are given by the Health Alliance with funds provided by private donations or Sponsoring Affiliates to individuals living within New York State. The Alliance fully subsidizes 13 Donated memberships each year. Additional Donated memberships are made available as donations to the program are received. Contact us for application information.

  5. Affiliate Memberships — Sponsor members join the Ithaca Health Alliance in order to support the mission of community-driven health care. Affiliate member donations can be earmarked for specific IHA programs. Affiliate members are not restricted to New York state but are not eligible for Health Alliance services. Click here for the Affiliate Membership form.

  • Health Alliance members make an annual donation of $100/year for an adult
  • $75/year for a spouse/partner
  • $50/year per child
  • $80/year per person for Businesses and Organizations enrolling employees/members as General Members
  • $50-$100/year for a discount provider
  • 10% discount for a two-year membership

To join or donate to the Ithaca Health Alliance:

  1. Open the PDF file linked above for the kind of membership you want and print it.
  2. Fill out and sign the form and choose how you wish to make your donation. General memberships can pay 25% Ithaca HOURS. Provider memberships can pay 100% Ithaca HOURS.
  3. Mail to: Ithaca Health Alliance, Box 362, Ithaca, NY 14851.
  4. Membership donations are used for all IHA programs at the organization's discretion. Other donations may be specified for an individual project at the donor's discretion.

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