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Visiting Ithaca HOURs

We welcome you to visit the "Ithaca Time Zone" to learn how HOURs work and to participate in the process.

First step is to purchase Hometown Money, so that you have a basic understanding before you arrive.

When you arrive, you can buy a few HOURS at face value ($10.00/HOUR) from: GreenStar Co-op (701 W. Buffalo Street), Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Autumn Leaves Used Books (115 The Commons), Viva Taqueria and any other businesses which accept HOURs.

With these HOURs you can get a room at any of several BED & BREAKFASTS:
Columbia B & B (20% HRS)
La Tourelle (max 2.5 HRS/room/night)
Log Country Inn (25% HRS)
Peregrine House(max 2 HRS/room/night)
The William Henry Miller Inn (max 2 HRS/room/night)
The Womyn's Rooms (max 1.5 HRS/room/night) 607-272-1065.

BIKES can be rented during the summer from Cayuga Mountain Bikes.

With advance notice, we can arrange an HOUR TOUR GUIDE (One HOUR per hour). We need to charge for the service, since so many people have asked to visit, and since we don't have outside funding. Contact Steve Burke

When you arrive, get a copy of HOUR Town, which lists thousands of ways to spend HOURs, including among dozens of RESTAURANTS & DELIS, FARMER'S MARKET VENDORS (Rte 13 & Third Street, Saturdays 9am-2pm, early April till Christmas). There are MASSAGE THERAPISTS on the list, BARBERS/HAIRDRESSERS, GIFT SHOPS, BOOKSTORES, and hundreds more in other categories.

The The Sciencenter accepts HOURS, as does the Cayuga Nature Center.

The Farmer's Market, GreenStar and the Commons are good places to ask people about their experiences with HOURS. Some have earned/spent HOURS, some are willing but haven't yet, some aren't yet familiar with HOURS, but nearly everybody who's lived here for a while has heard of them.

Here's a MAP of the downtown area, where most of the 470 HOUR businesses and thousands of HOUR residents reside.

There's more information about Ithaca available from Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce which also accepts HOURS.

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