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Ithaca HOURs Online

Welcome to site maintained by the founder of Ithaca HOURS.
Paul Glover is now available as a consultant and speaker for community economic development.
paul5glover@yahoo.com (215) 805-8330

FOR LIST OF HOW TO SPEND HOURS, how to contact the HOUR board of directors (Steve Burke, President), how to obtain HOUR loans or grants:

Here's why we print our own money!

HOUR Resources

who says work can't taste good?

HOUR Highlights

Local Currency Health Financing

The Ithaca Health Alliance was started in 1997 to take control of health prices. Anyone in New York may join: payments are made for the services of any credentialed health provider anywhere. This program is one of the main HOUR participants. 2.5 Ithaca HOURS ($25) and $5.00 of local currency from other cities is welcome as part of the $100 annual membership fee. The Canadian national health plan began with a local program.

HOURs Go Global!

Ithaca HOURS were visited by a top official of China's central bank, sent from Beijing by the President of the People's Bank of China (their Alan Greenspan) to talk about adopting HOURS as money in China. Wen Tiejun reported directly to the bank's president, who delivered the report directly to China's Premier. HOURS have since been established there.

HOURs the Subject of PBS Special

The longest TV show about Ithaca HOURS yet, a full half hour PBS program entitled "How to Spend an HOUR" was broadcast nationwide.

More than 1,000 stories have been written and broadcast about HOURS.

Largest HOUR Loan in History

The world's largest local currency loan to date has been made by the Ithaca HOUR system, in Ithaca, New York. Alternatives Federal Credit Union/CUSO received $30,000 in the form of 3,000 Ithaca HOURS. The HOURS were spent to pay 5% of contract work for building the credit union's new headquarters at State and Fulton Streets.[Click here to continue.]

A History of Ithaca HOURs

HOURS were created by our community's need and pioneer spirit. During the 1991 recession I designed prototype HOURS and began asking people to sign up to accept them. The first 30 people agreed. [Click here to continue.] The HOUR archives 1991-2001 are at The History Center in Ithaca.

HOUR Links

Bob Blain has long advocated HOURS as a worldwide monetary system: HOURMONEY.org
The E.F. Schumacher Society has pioneered local currency in the U.S.
Transaction Net maintains a good discussion of community currencies.
WikiPedia keeps current lists of local currencies.

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