This will test the speed of your local connection,
to our core routers.

Click on one of the below.
When prompted, hit SAVE and not RUN, OPEN or FIND.
While downloading notice transfer rate.

5 megs
10 megs

There are 8 bits per byte.

Kbps means Kilo bits per second.
KBps means Kilo Bytes per second.
Mbps means Mega bits per second.
MBps means Mega Bytes per second.

Pipes sizes are measured in bits per second,
Downloads are measured in Bytes per second.
Thus a 1 meg pipe will give you a theoreticaly download of 125KBps

A dialup modem runs at 33Kbps to 56Kbps or 4.1KBps to 7.0KBps
One megabit per second is 1000 Kbps or 125 KBps or 17 times a modem
A 10 megabit ethernet port is 1.25 Mega Bytes per second or 1250 KBps or 178 times a modem.