Stations, Frequencies and Geographic Coordinates

The following data were obtained from the International Frequency List published by the ITU and other sources.

Station Frequencies Coordinates
WWV Ft. Collins, CO 2.5/5/10/15/20 MHz 40:40:49.0N 105:02:27.0W
WWVB Ft. Collins, CO 60 kHz 40:40:28.3N 105:02:39.5W
WWVH Kauai, HI 2.5/5/10/15 MHz 21:59:26.0N 159:46:00.0W
CHU Ottawa, CA 3330/7335/14670 kHz 45:18N 75:45N
DCF77 Mainflingen, DE 77.5 kHz 50:01N 9:00E
MSF Rugby, UK 60 kHz 52:22N 1:11W
TDF Allouis, FR 162 kHz 47:10N 2:12E

David L. Mills <>