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Kenneth C. Davis “Refreshing and vastly informative… Fun, engrossing and significant… History in Davis’s hands is loud, coarse, painful, funny, irreverent — and memorable.”
— Patricia Holt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Quirky, sardonic, accurate, rudimentary and often amusing… A breezy question-and-answer approach that is far removed from the massive textbooks all of us once lugged around.” — Hank Ezell,
Atlanta Journal and Constitution

“Unquestionably a handy reference book. It’s just the thing when your pesky school-age kids try to show you up at homework time.”
— Dallas News

“A book that not only fills in gaps in historical knowledge, but is genuinely entertaining… Wonderful!”
—Monica Strand, Orlando Sentinel

It’s everything you need to know about American history but never learned. Don’t Know Much About History is read by the author, Kenneth C. Davis.

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