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Admiral Byrd's Rescue Shovel.

n 1774, while an infant country was still but a gleam in the eyes of her founding fathers, there was a birth of a different sort taking place. In the colonial town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, a pioneering blacksmith by the name of Captain John Ames began making the colonies' first metal shovels - shovels that would replace early wooden and metal English imports and soon take their rightful places in the rugged hands of enterprising patriots, and in American history.

Many historical events, like the building of the Transcontinental Railroad and the carving of Mount Rushmore, were made easier (and were perhaps made possible) by Ames tools. President Abraham Lincoln personally asked Oakes Ames, grandson of John Ames, to supply shovels for the Union cause during the Civil War. The Statue of Liberty was set into place in New York Harbor by hundreds of laborers using Ames shovels.


Ames Fold-Away Rescue Shovel
A navigational aviator and decorated navy officer, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, set his sights on the uncharted wilderness of Antarctica in 1928. His five expeditions to Antarctica account for the discovery of hundreds of thousands of square miles of territory which are claimed for the United States. No other person in history has contributed more to the geographic discovery of the continent than Byrd - and few other tools were relied upon more by Byrd's expedition than the rugged Rescue Shovels made by Ames. The same 3-position fold-away steel shovel with vinyl grip should be in the trunk of your car to assist in any emergency. (Blade size: 6 1/4" x 8 5/8")

Ames Fold-Away Rescue Shovel.
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