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The Angel Brooch.

Gutzon Borglum
utzon Borglum, student of the great Auguste Rodin, was one of America's most successful artists. His “Mares of Diomedes” was the first work by an American artist ever purchased by New York's Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. He painted the Mission of San Juan Capistrano, designed the replacement for the original flame held by the Statue of Liberty, and created five statues on permanent display at the U.S. Capitol Building. At the age of 60 he began a project most men half his age wouldn't attempt. He was the sculptor of Mount Rushmore.

Saint John's Cathedral
New York's Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the World, whose vast interiors and exteriors teem with a thriving cultural, artistic, and spiritual convergence of people who continue to build and breathe life into its walls. Situated on the edge of Harlem, the Cathedral, affectionately called "Big John" by New Yorkers, is the physical embodiment of a long-standing commitment to the local and larger community. Seven chapels completed in 1918 surround the Choir and High Altar, each dedicated to one of the immigrant groups settling in the city at the time, and a different area of human endeavor is represented in each of the towering sets of stained-glass windows featured in fourteen bays that form the outer aisles. The church and grounds are full of sculpture and artwork in an array of artistic styles and mediums, representing a marvelous diversity of thematic subjects alongside and amongst biblical statuary.

Gabriel Broach
The Gabriel Broach
At the hub of this creative oasis lies the altar, and the choir behind it. The immense reach of space below the tiled dome is high enough to accomodate the Statue of Liberty. On the rooftop above the choir stands a nine-and-a-half-foot statue of St. Gabriel as the Angel of the Resurrection, carved by the great Gutzon Borglum. Saint John's Gabriel 2½” Brooch, cast in 18-carat gold-plated pewter, is an exact replica of that trumpeting figure.

The Gabriel Broach.
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