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he Bromwell story began in the year 1819, when James Monroe was president of the United States. It had been almost 40 years since the American Revolution and some 30 years since the establishment of the Constitution. Ohio had become the 17the state in the Union just 16 short years before and the settlement of Cincinnati was being carved out of the frontier forest. Jacob Bromwell emigrated from Baltimore Maryland to Cincinnati and started a wire goods business. It was the first of it's kind west of Baltimore. As the tide of population flowed inland, Cincinnati grew and flourished and become the "Queen City of the West". As Cincinnati grew so did Bromwell's wire goods business.

The covered wagons and the flatboats were succeeded by the steamboats which plied the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and brought in an ever expanding commerce.

Popcorn Shaker
In 1848 Gold was discovered in California and people flocked with their tin cups, pie tins, and frying pans to the gold fields. Just two short years later pioneers started their migration across America where again many of Bromwell's products were included as part of the necessities needed to carve out an existence in a new frontier; flour sifters, cheese graters, pans, buckets and popcorn poppers. Popcorn provided both cereal and pleasure in those early days of America.

istory shows North American Indians growing pop corn for its food value. In the 1600's the Iroquois Indians introduced the English colonists to pop corn at the very first Thanksgiving feast.

Jolly Time
It wasn't until the 1930's, however, that pop corn really got popping. In 1914, when Cloid H. Smith founded the American Pop Corn company in the heart of corn country - Sioux City, Iowa - and launched America's first brand name pop corn - JOLLY TIME.

Cloid developed his own patented corn crib that provided the perfect amount of fresh air to dry his popcorn to the peak of popping perfection. Once he had the right pop corn, he needed the right packaging. Instead of settling for the standard cardboard box of the day which didn't protect the pop corn's important moisture content, he decided to do something no one else had done before: package the pop corn in an airtight metal can.

Bromwell Popper
The Authentic Bromwell Popper
The Bromwell Popper, including a tin of Jolly Time Pop Corn.

The Authentic Bromwell Popper.
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