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Howdy Doody Time.

uring the Golden Age of Television, we had good, wholesome television programs and role models, including everyone's friend, Howdy Doody (even if he was a puppet).

Howdy Doody
The most celebrated children's show in television history, "Howdy Doody," began each show with, "Say, kids, what time is it?" And the Peanut Gallery would respond, "It's Howdy Doody Time!" Our hero Howdy lived in Doodyville U.S.A. Designed by Margo and Rufus Rose, he had 48 freckles, one for every state. From 1947 to 1960, it was Howdy who taught us about right and wrong, about how to have fun, and even how to ridicule authority figures like Phineas T. Bluster.

As the medium's first smash hit, "Howdy Doody" was responsible for driving the sales of TV sets (7,464,000 TV sets were sold in 1950 at an avarage price of $300). It was the first show on every day in color, in 1955. Sponsors became the comfort foods of the Baby Boom: Welsh's Grape Juice, Wonder Bread, Hostess Twinkies, Tootsie Rolls - and Colgate Toothpaste.

Howdy Doody
The Howdy Doody Ventriloquist Puppet
Fifty years after its debut, the show has left a legacy still worth remembering: the Howdy Doody Ventriloquist Puppet. It is manufactured by the Goldberger Doll Company in Brooklyn, New York, the last puppet manufacturer in America. Although the original Howdy Doody was a marionette, Buffalo Bob carried this “Photo Doody”. (This version of Howdy has no strings and was easier to pose with for fans who wanted pictures). The 30-inch puppet includes a booklet entitled, “7 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism”.

The Howdy Doody Ventriloquist Puppet.
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