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Duncan Yo-Yo.

ne of the oldest known toys, it is likely that the yo-yo was created independently in several different areas. Stone yo-yos more than three thousand years old have been found in Greece and evidence indicates that yo-yos may also have been present in ancient Chinese culture. In the 1700s, the yo-yo or jou-jou, as it was called, provided entertainment for the French royal court.

In the 1800s, the toy became popular with children in Victorian England. It was soon taken to the United States, where patents were issued and design changes were made to improve its play. However, by the early 1900s, the toy had lost its allure.

In 1928, entrepreneur Donald Duncan, who had already successfully marketed the parking meter, movie screen, and Eskimo pie, happened to see a young man named Pedro Flores demonstrating how to play with a yo-yo in Los Angeles. Enamored with the toy, Duncan bought Flores's small yo-yo making company for $25,000. Soon, Duncan had hired hundreds of "Yo-Yo Men" to travel the country demonstrating amazing yo-yo tricks, like "walking the dog" and "around the world," while drumming up sales of the toy. The yo-yo was a huge success.

The Original 1950 Duncan Yo-Yo
In the years since Duncan's re-introduction of the yo-yo, three Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, have publicly played with the toy. Political activist Abbie Hoffman once "walked the dog" during a Congressional hearing. In 1992, a yo-yo was brought into space by astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman on the Space Shuttle Atlantis. This genuine Duncan Yo-Yo is a reproduction of the company's popular 1950 wooden Yo-Yo is an exquisite looper and long sleeper. It is packed with a reprint of their 1950 trick book. Available in red, blue, yellow, green or black.

The Original 1950 Duncan Yo-Yo.
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