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Zippo Windproof Lighter.

he original Zippo factory was founded in 1932 by George Blaisdell. This first location was the second floor of the Richerson & Pryde garage on Bolyston Street in downtown Bradford. The Zippo Windproof Lighter sign on the multi-paned window has become a symbol of Zippo's early days.

Six people were employed during the first year of Zippo's operation. During the first month of business, receipts for 82 lighters totaled $62.15. Zippo has come a long way from these modest beginnings and today is a large successful corporation which still repairs every lighter for no charge - just as it did over 50 years ago. The Zippo Lifetime Guarantee is honored today as it always has been.

1933 Zippo Windproof Lighter.
Information uncovered last year in the Zippo archives made it clear that the first Zippo Windproof Lighter was not actually produced until calendar year 1933, rather than 1932 as previously believed. Accordingly, Zippo has elected to designate this model a "1933 Replica First Release". The lighter is 1/4" taller than today's models and the case is constructed, just as it was over 65 years ago, of rectangular solid brass tubing, finished in brush chrome plate. The five-barrell hinge is soldered on the outside and chrome plated.

1933 Zippo Windproof Lighter.
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