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The Daisy Red Ryder.

he Daisy Manufacturing Company actually had its beginnings back in 1882 as Plymouth Iron Windmill Company, a manufacturer of windmills in Plymouth, Michigan; however, by the late 1880s the windmill business was changing, and the struggling company began looking for new ways to attract customers.

Red Ryder
In 1886, Plymouth inventor Clarence Hamilton introduced a new idea to the company. It was a combination of metal and wire, vaguely resembling a gun that could fire a lead ball using compressed air. Lewis Cass Hough, then president of the firm, gave it a try and, after his first shot, enthusiastically exclaimed, “Boy, that's a daisy!”

The name stuck and the BB gun went into production as a premium item given to farmers when they purchased a windmill. The gun was such a huge success that Plymouth Iron Windmill soon began manufacturing the Daisy BB gun in place of windmills! On January 26, 1895 the company's board of directors officially voted to change the name to Daisy Manufacturing Company. The sturdy little Daisy BB gun quickly became a staple with American youth, and youngsters all across America cut their shooting teeth on a Daisy.

The Original Daisy “Red Ryder” Airgun

Introduced in 1939, the Daisy "Red Ryder" has sold over 9 million units, easily making it the most famous BB gun ever built. Red Ryder was the comic book cowboy hero created by Fred Harman, and from 1944 to 1949 portrayed in a series of B-Westerns by Wild Bill Elliott. At Daisy, they still make them like they used to, with cured walnut and blued steel (to give the gun a worn, rustic look), lever-locking action, cross -bolt safety, burnished forearm band - even the original Red Ryder lariat logo. (Special color gift box. 195-yard range, 3,500 free rounds. Complete with shooting glasses - always wear eye protection. No sales to minors. Always supervise young shooters).

Red Ryder and the Rimrock Killer based on the famous newspaper strip by Fred Harman Whitman Publishing Company, Racine Wisconsin copyright 1945.

The Original Daisy “Red Ryder” Airgun.
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