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ohn Boos & Company has been in business continuously since 1887. Founded by Conrad Boos and named for his son John, woodworking was first conducted in a blacksmith shop on West Jefferson Street in Effingham, Illinois. The wood for his blocks was cut in wooded areas surrounding Effingham, and was mostly sycamore lumber at the time, processed in his sawmill and sent to his shop for finishing.

Before the turn of the last century, the Boos family sold controlling interest in the company to the Gravenhorst family (and there are fourth and fifth generation Gravenhorsts currently working for the company). When more space was needed the firm was moved into the old Effingham Furniture Manufacturing Company building, with extra kiln capacity.

The butcher block is a definite cornerstone in the development of the foodservice industry, and became the trademark of John Boos & Company. During the 1940s butcher blocks manufactured of sycamore and maple trees were found in every restaurant, food store, and butcher shop in America.

John Boos butcher block tables are in the homes of such famous people as Frank Sinatra, Senator Barry Goldwater, and Former President Reagan. They are used in the restaurants of star chefs including Michael Lomonico, Emeril LaGasse, Charlie Trotter, and Susan Spicer.

The White House Butcher Block Table.
In 1992, White House chef Walter Scheib ordered a John Boos work table for the White House bakery. The exact replica is crafted in solid hard rock maple, a 36 x 24-inch butcher block top, with a 4-inch coved backsplash, a lower shelf, and two wire basket drawers. It has a working height of 36-inches.
The John Boos & Company White House Table.

The White House Butcher Block Table.
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