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Farmington Lawyer's Clock.

or over 200 years, the Farmington Valley of Connecticut has been world-renowned for clocks of the finest craftsmanship, a tradition that began in 1790 at Gideon Roberts' wooden-works clockmaking shop.

It was the clockmaking trade that spurred the industrialization of the Valley, when Eli Terry first introduced mass-produced clocks with standardized wooden gears of local cherry stock. Ample raw materials, affordable power, transportation and industrious workers were plentiful then, as they are now. And, at a time when most clockmakers needed 2 or 3 weeks to complete a "tall clock" movement, Eli Terry's methods allowed him to perform the unprecedented task of producing 4,000 wooden tall clock movements between 1807 and 1810. It was this kind of Yankee ingenuity that made clocks affordable to the people of our young nation.

li Terry's innovations in the early 1800s (along with the introduction of the first mass-produced, coil-spring brass-movement clocks by Elisha Brewster in 1836) led to the eventual establishment of more than 275 separate firms related to clock making in this Valley. Clock cases, wooden and brass movements, springs, striking hammers, verges, dials, trimmings, stencils, carving dies, and even clock-work toys were made here.

You can see many of these fine old Farmington Valley clocks, preserved and still running, at the American Clock & Watch Museum in Bristol, just a few miles away from the Farmington factory.

Lawyer's Clock
The Farmington Lawyer's Clock
The Farmington Lawyer's Clock has a unique double dial showcasing date and time, with a half-hour strike. It is hand crafted in solid cherry, and combines old-fashioned finishing & hand-assembly of select quality hardwood parts, CNC-machined to the closest possible tolerances. Dimensions: 37 x 16 x 5

The Farmington Lawyer's Clock.
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