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he Kentucky Derby stands as the oldest, consecutively held thoroughbred race in America. The first Kentucky Derby was held May 17, 1875, as a crowd estimated at 10,000 from around the city, state and surrounding areas converged on the Jockey Club grounds. No other event in the world has a signature drink that can compare to the Kentucky Derby's Mint Julep. A mint julep is not just a recipe - it is ceremony and must be performed with a true sense of the artist, a deep reverence for the ingredients and a proper appreciation of the occasion. It is a rite that must not be entrusted to a novice, a statistician, nor a Yankee.

Kentucky Derby
It is a heritage of the Old South, an emblem of hospitality and, according to Colonel Henry Watterson, former editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal, is properly made as follows:

Take a silver goblet, that holds one pint - and dissolve a lump of loaf sugar with not more than a tablespoon of water. Take one mint leave, no more, and crush it gently between the thumb and forefinger before dropping it into the dissolved sugar. Then fill the goblet nearly full to the brim with shaved ice. Take a few sprigs of mint leaves and use for decorating the top of the mixture, after it has been frapped with a spoon. In a second silver goblet - pour in all the bourbon whiskey the goblet will hold. Drink the whiskey and throw away the other ingredients.

Mint Julep Goblets and Jigger
The classic 4" Silver Mint Julep Goblets are made by Towle Silversmiths of Newburyport, Massachusetts, a company whose heritage spans a time period longer than that of the United States. Dating back to 1690, Towle Silversmiths represent centuries of silversmithing without interruption.

Set of 6 Silver Mint Julep Goblets, accompanied by the Kentucky Double Jigger.


Mint Julep Goblets and Jigger
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