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Flexible Flyer.

merican childhood owes a lot to a man named Samuel Leeds Allen, who invented the Flexible Flyer sled in 1860. His company manufactured farm equipment, and he began building sleds to diversify his line of products. His introduction of "the sled that steers" ushered in the modern sledding age.

Flexible Flyer

Flexible Flyer "Classic Racer" Sled
The Flexible Flyer "Classic Racer" Sled is crafted in Olney, Illinois, of durable steel and carefully selected American hardwood. At a full five feet (60") long by 21.5 inches wide for maximum tracking, the Classic Racer has four pairs of crossbar supports. It uses a patented black-painted formed steel "floating crossbar" steering head that has rolled edges situated over the center rivet for increased degree of steering freedom. The wood work on the Classic Racer has traditional jigsaw cut curved edges with the original silk-screened logo and pin striping on all three deck panels. Underneath are high-strength steel runners that are grooved to track swiftly and surely through the snow. (Age 5 and older).

Flexible Flyer "Classic Racer" Sled.
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