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Waterproof, airtight, permanent, resealable Time Capsules are used by universities, churches, and individuals who wish to preserve their own history for future generations.

He was a true man of vision. His creations are wrought with detail, passion, and a knowledge not only of architecture, but of life. Shop for Wright designs that have withstood the test of time.

Son of the famous New York jeweler, his name has become synonymous with stained glass. Shop for authentic reproductions, created by carefully joining hundreds of pieces of hand-cut glass with copper.

One of America's most prolific artists, he was the sculptor of Mount Rushmore. Among his other works was the Angel Gabriel at New York's Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

President Lincoln was shot on Good Friday, April 14, 1865, five days after the Confederate surrender at Appomattox. The Lincoln Rocker in Ford's Theatre is part of history on that fateful day.
"History Company is a shopping destination like no other. It is a remarkable place where you can discover, enjoy, and find inspiration in the wonderful things that connect us to our past."
       -- Kenneth C. Davis, Author
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Columbia Superb The 1941 Superb reflects the Columbia line of bicycles at its zenith, down to the smallest detail.


Space Pen Designed by Paul Fisher for extreme conditions of outer space. Used on NASA flights since 1967.


Bowie Knife The "Arkansas Toothpick" of Jim Bowie fame has been called the American National Knife.


Terrestrial Globe Raised-relief Starlight Globe with black oceans, popularized by Replogle in the 1940s.


Lion Paperweight Patience, the lion who has guarded the New York Public Library since 1911.

Weather Vane

Weathercock The Crowing Cock as it appeared on the roof of the Fitch Tavern barn in 1775 Bedford, Massachusetts.


Cigar Humidor Cedar-lined cherry-finished cabinet holds 40 cigars, by Reed & Barton since 1824.

Lawyer's Clock

Lawyer's Clock Made in solid cherry, with double dial showing date and time, by Farmington Clock, circa 1900.

Admiral Byrd

Rescue Shovel Fold-away shovel used by Admiral Byrd on Antarctic expeditions in 1928.


Kindling Axe Produced by Snow & Nealley since 1864, the favorite of trappers, hunters and fisherman of Penobscot Bay.

Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Maker The best Triple-motion freezer, manufactured by White Mountain since 1853.


Mint Julep Cup Proper etiquette requires silver goblets for the traditional Kentucky Derby drink, since 1875.


Butcher Block John Boos hard rock maple work table is used in the White House kitchen.


Lewis & Clark Compass The explorers' vital instrument in their survey of the American West from 1804 to 1806.


Pocket Piano The Marine Band 1896 Harmonica was introduced by John Philip Sousa, America's “March King.”

Popcorn Popper

Popcorn Popper Jacob Bromwell's original popper has made America's favorite snack food since 1819.


Rope Hammock Captain Joshua Ward designed this sturdy, comfortable knotted-rope hammock in 1888.


Zippo Lighter The original 1933 design, with squared-off corners and outside hinge.


Rosebud Sled Wooden snow sled from the American Victorian period, reproduction of Citizen Kane's Rosebud.

John F. Kennedy
JFK Memorabilia
The True Kennedy Rocking Chair is manufactured by the same small family furniture factory which supplied JFK's rocker. Other bits of Camelot include, JFK Brass Paper-weight, Jackie Kennedy Dress-up Set, and Rose Garden Benches.

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan's
Jelly Beans

Goelitz shipped 3˝ tons of jelly beans to Reagan's Inaugural, and even invented a blueberry bean so there would be Red, White, and Blue candies for the President.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson's Pen & Ink

Jefferson wrote almost 20,000 letters in his lifetime, with a solid sterling silver pen he purchased in 1820, manufactured by William Cowen of Virginia. The elliptical head displays the initials “TJ.”

Star Spangled Banner

An American icon for 185 years, the garrison flag of Fort McHenry, inspiration for the national anthem by Francis Scott Key, has 15 stars, 8 red and 7 white stripes.

Teddy's Bear

Roy Rogers Guitar

Red Ryder Airgun

Radio Flyer Wagon

Pedal-Drive Fire Truck

Duncan Yo Yo

Howdy Doody

Roy Toy Building Set

Flexible Flyer Sled

Empire State Building