History Company -
A History Lesson with Every Gift.

istory Company is a joint US/UK venture with offices in New York and London. It was conceived as an online shopping catalog dedicated to offering gifts with unique historical connections to people, events, companies, or eras. In most cases, each item is a currently manufactured product, used by a historical figure or produced by a historically significant company. History Company has endeavored in each case to find the original manufacturer of the product thus completing the historical connection. Most items are based on a historical design or pattern, often using the original tooling and manufacturing process, but they a re not antiques. By, purchasing a product from the history Company, you connect with both past and future generations, and with ordinary and extraordinary persons who have either made or lived through history.

History Company was inspired by the belief that history is not just to be found in books, but rather is a defining part of our culture. As gadgets and gizmos, not yet a year old, began to pile up on our shelves to be replaced or repaired, we noticed the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker had been faithfully churning out our favorite summer indulgence since before we were born, The Kent shaving kit in the bathroom had outlasted the electric razor, which died 16 month out of the box. The Kent hairbrush is currently giving the 1963 bathroom tile a run for its money for longest occupant in the house.

If a company builds a good product, that will last. If the product lasts, so will the company. History Company proves that good products are built to last and that those that have survived have an inherently unique story to tell. Selections from History Company make particularly thoughtful and articulate gifts, as each piece is accompanied by its own "history lesson."

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