The Wyatt Family Page of Things to Do
This will eventually be a list of ideas for things to do, ranging from something simple like "Go play in the leaves" to more complex ideas like "Start a terrarium". Like anything, it will start small, with one idea, and grow until it becomes an interesting, useful page. I hope! We'll come back here and add things as we come up with them, I suspect it will end up being a diary of what we're up to as much as anything.
(25 Sept 97) Car Games
Our project for today is to prepare for a weekend trip. How do you keep from going crazy on a 10 hour drive? What is safe to take in the car? What can you do in a car if reading makes you feel sick? We're going to come up with some ideas for games we can all play, and we'll come back and post them when we do.
Play "I'm Going Out West"
This has been a favorite game in my family since I was a child. Here's how it works: the person going first says "I'm going out West, and I'm going to take a..." and they name whatever item they're taking along. Then each other person takes turns repeating the phrase, but taking a different item. It's usually funniest if the items are as unrelated as possible (Simon suggests "like a loaf of bread and a computer".). After everyone has declared what they're bringing, the first person says "When I get out West, I'm going to take my (whatever they said they were bringing) and I'm going to..." and they describe some sort of action, some way of using that item. It does not need to make sense, and having it be something unexpected adds to the fun, since people wouldn't have been likely to predict what it would be. Then each person takes turns again, repeating the phrase, but naming their own item and then (and this is the fun part) they must claim they will do *exactly* what the first person said, word for word. So if the first person brought a watermelon, and said they were going to "take my watermelon and put it on the top of a flagpole", and the second person brought an elephant, they would said "When I get out West, I'm going to take my elephant, and put it on top of a flagpole.". Take turns being the first person. You can agree to any restrictions before starting if you wish. We usually agree to "No disgusting stuff" and "No throwing things at anyone." because those both get really boring quickly.

No P
We invented this game on our trip. It started out being funny, and then we kept it up for three days (and we're still going...). We were driving out of a parking area, when Timmy saw a sign that was one of those red-circle-with-a-slash signs, with a red P in the middle. He wanted to know what it meant. We decided it meant "No P", meaning no *anything* that starts with the letter P. No parking, no playing, no poking, no parties, no people, no... practically anything. It gets harder the longer you go, but there are *lots* of words that start with P. It's kind of funny coming across a fairly common word *days* after starting the game. It's also a memory game- have we said this one before? Everyone enjoyed it, even Sarah, who is 4. (No procrastination, no prestidigitation, no paradise, no pickles, no pink polyester pants...) Play the game by calling out "No (something starting with P)". We tried switching to a different letter, and that was okay, but the most fun was to keep going with the same letter for days and days. You could take turns coming up with something. We didn't, we each just said whatever came into our heads.

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