Welcome to Linda's Potato Page!

Did you think all that about me being the Queen Potato is just joking?


Potato Recipes:

Stuff to do with potatoes, besides eating them:

Ronniger's Seed Potatoes has recently joined forces with another company and changed their name to Irish Eyes with a Hint of Garlic. They still have the biggest and best selection of different potato varieties.

They are also now on the web, yay! Find them at Irish Eyes

You may be wondering about the background of this page. It's the Potato God. Yes, really. Fondly known as the "SpudGod". He's from Peru, where potatoes originated. He's holding potato plants in each hand, with the flowers on top, and the tubers below. Kind of a cool guy, I really like him. So although I don't generally put backgrounds on my web pages, I decided he needs to be here to watch over my potato stuff.

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