Where I came from, where I am, and where I'm going

Before we get to where I am, let's talk about where I came from. Long, long ago, ancestors of mine lived far from where I am now. I think they would have had a hard time imagining me, here, years later, thinking about them at all. Some of them came from Scotland, from an area that still bears the family name. Brodies have made Brodie their home for more than 800 years. I visited Brodie Castle in March 97. I have some pictures I've yet to have scanned, but I'll put them here as soon as I can. (I took the one to the right.)

It's an odd feeling, being in a place with which you share a name. I was a little nervous on the way to the castle, but strangely enough, it looked just like the pictures I'd seen. I wanted to walk around the castle, touching the wall, but the rough surface hurt, so I couldn't. I did lean against it, communing with... history? I also took some stones from here to trade with stones there. So a part of my life, of my heart, is touching the castle always, and a part of the Brodie land lives here, with me.

I've scanned some photos from the rest of my trip.
Glenfinnan Photos.
More Trip Photos.

I'll spare you all the details of where I was born, where I grew up, and all that. Now I live in a town called Danby,NY. It's not very big. That's fine with me. I'd post some photos of what it looks like, but it's mostly corn fields and cows, and I'm sure you can imagine those. The photo on the left is from last Fall, when the Danby Bicentennial Committee gave an Ice Cream Social at the Town Hall. It was very successful, bringing out people I hadn't seen in years. (Simon says it was yummy!) The photo to the right is Buttermilk Falls, which is where the creek in our back yard ends up. (It's only frozen in the Winter, honest!) More photos of the area.

The nearest city is Ithaca, NY. It's not such a big place, either. I don't know the latest population figures, or I'd give them here. You can go look at all sorts of nifty demographics and other numerical info. If you'd like to get a feel for the place, check out the mostly-gloomy-and-gray Ithaca Weather Forecast. You can catch the latest in local news from NewsCenter 7. If you grew up here, like I did, or if you went to school here, you can register yourself at New York Alumni Net. It includes both High Schools and Colleges, and eventually will be a help in finding long lost friends. The picture to the left is of the East end of the Ithaca Commons, in the rain. Of course.

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