Food, Glorious Food!

How could anyone go wrong with The Godiva Chocolate page?
Or how about some Baking with M&Ms ?

To check out the only food all three of my kids will eat (beside Wendy's or pizza), Annie's Homegrown Home Page. Say hi to Bernie.

I'm a nut! You can order fresh, roasted, or other peanuts from The Peanut Roaster

I love cheese! My favorite cheese company is Cabot Creamery in Vermont.

One of my very favorite treats in the world is red licorice from the American Licorice Company . It's not easy to find their products around here, so I was thrilled to find the web page!

Ice cream at Ben & Jerry's .

Frontier Cooperative Herbs has a recipe area, an herbal medicine area, and more.

Check out my Potato Page

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