Meet my family. More photos soon

This is us. Finally new pictures, even!
There are some brand new pictures I just scanned and posted today (3 June 1997). Probably the only person who would want to go see them is my Mom. (Hi Mom!)

This is Timmy, when we went on a hike around Lake Treman, nearly a year ago, I think. This is Simon, last summer, when he was 9. I tried to play on this, but it just about pulled my arms out of their sockets!
This is one of my current favorite pictures. Sarah had asked if she could give her Daddy a birthday spanking, and he asked for a hug instead. This is the hug. Don't they both look happy? This is Sarah last Winter in her very strange Parisian-
designed snow suit. We think she looks like a space alien!

Especially for my Mom, but you can go see, too: more pictures

My wonderful, multitalented, husband Doug started this for me. Go see his page.

Our son Simon (12) has a page and has some stories he wrote on it. Most were written in Nov 94. Go read them! Timmy (9) has a page too. He wants me to mention all his cool graphics. Even Sarah (6) has her own page.

I just found this Wyatt family picture on James' page, so I stole it for here. From the left are James and Amy, then Andrew and Barbara, then Doug and me, then Doug's parents. It was taken the last time we were all in the same place, in the summer of '96.

Other family members

My Dad, Bill Brodie, has a page. Actually, he has more than one. There was an article about some of his work in Potato Grower magazine.

Doug's brothers Andrew and James both have pages.

My sister Anne has just started working on her page.

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