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I went to Scotland, something I had wanted to do all my life. Came back with some thoughts, some new interests, and some serious sleep deprivation. It's beautiful there, even in the winter. Reminded me of here in some ways- lakes, hills, clouds.

We visited Culloden, walked on the battlefield, surrounded by mounds where clansmen were buried. It's a beautiful place, startlingly so, and that just adds to the sadness of all that happened there. It was a cold, windy day, when we were there, probably not too different than it was when the battle took place. I stood and looked out over the moor, trying to imagine what it must have felt like then. All I could think was that it never should have happened. So many dying, in a battle they never could have won, in a place they never should have fought. The earth itself remembers.

It's interesting to me how much more real history feels in the places where it happened. I've never been much interested in history, until recently. Now, I read about the history of Scotland, and weep. I feel such a strong attachment to the place my father's family came from; it makes no sense to me. I grew up completely unaware of my family history. And now, I'm filled with a passion to learn more about it.

The Battle of Culloden
The National Trust for Scotland.
History of Scotland

We're homeschoolers. UNschoolers. Whatever you want to call it. The kids don't go to school; we don't do 'school at home'. Here are a few things I've written about it.

My personal homeschooling philosophy .
Some thoughts about the language of learning
About the nature of games

Simon was reading a back issue of Growing Without Schooling and found something of mine that had been printed there. (What? They printed a letter of mine? When?) I read it through to see if it still sounds like me, and it does, so I'm going to type it in here. It's really two separate responses combined into one, so I'll separate them back out. The letter was printed in the Dec 95/Jan 96 issue.

Not Doing Anything?

What do you mean by writing?

If you want to see some of our favorite online resources (stuff we like to do), go to Learning and Fun.

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