Meet Michael Manning

Michael Manning

Michael Manning began studying metaphysics, energy, the Law of Attraction, healing, and Eastern and Western philosophies in 1968. Ordained in 1969, Michael has studied many religions and philosophies in his ongoing quest for understanding truth.

In his quest for personal development and finding peace, love and joy, Michael also tried many other things, including but not limited to therapy, meditation, NLP, reading books, attending workshops, firewalking, breath work, and re-birthing, but had very little results. Then Michael tried Dynamism and was thrilled with the results, including being much more in control of his life and his truth, having many of the fears he used to have just melt away, and being freed from the scripts of other people. From this his personal development and spiritual growth have accelerated tremendously.

Michaelís mission is to teach, inspire and empower people to create the life of their dreams, full of love, joy, peace and freedom. As a Dynamism Clearing Practitioner, Michael empowers people to remove barriers, become more aware of their abilities, and to create a more meaningful life. Michael listens without evaluation or invalidation, guiding you to look within to find both conscious and unconscious barriers that keep you trapped in unwanted patterns.

As a trained Clearing Practitioner Michael is dedicated to Dynamism's philosophical approach to spirituality and bringing out the Best in People!

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