Enid Vien

Author of six published books:

The Sovereignty Manual
The Healing Spirit
Scars on the Soul
Soul mates: How to Find Them and Keep Them
In Search of the Golden Nuggets

Enid Vien is the founder and author of the philosophy of Dynamism; the study of Life Energy. Blending Eastern and Western philosophies with a large wooden spoon, her writings are a humorous and pithy stew of metaphysics and common sense.

Born and educated in England, ordained in 1964, Enid prefers to use no honorifics and is not affiliated with any particular denomination. She has been a student of Humanity throughout her life and has studied most major religions and philosophies in her ongoing quest for understandable truths.

This quest originated in her curiosity as a small child in London when bombs were falling and the insanity of this behavior was irreconcilable with the teachings of the adults.

Part of Dynamism is the Clearing of decayed Dynamis. Dynamis is the term used for Life Energy. People visit her from all over the globe to experience and use her techniques. The theory is to remove the barriers to using one’s potential more fully and to empower the being.

Her success at this is reflected in her being nicknamed The Millionaire Maker.

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