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The Precepts of Dynamism

by Enid Vien

1. The source of life is rooted in infinity and it has no dimension, however it has qualities and creative powers.

2. The source, desiring to manifest, does so through the creation of dynamis (life energy).

3. Source manifests in order to communicate concepts for which it has conceived an affinity and that it wishes to share. These are pure aesthetic concepts. When these concepts are agreed upon by others they become reality.

4. Affinity is the perception of self in non-self.

5. The source imposes its will upon the physical realm by the use of Dynamis.

6. The source creates Dynamis and all other creations are made with Dynamis as their base.

7. Dynamis is malleable and can be influenced by the emanations of others.

8. Once Dynamis is influenced by another creative being, then it can no longer be shaped as readily by its original creator. This is unpopular with the original creator.

9. When the original creator can no longer change his creations at will, he considers them to be problems and attempts to solve these problems using more and more force.

10. All problems that any being has are the result of altering his creations due to the influences of other beings and his failure to notice that this has happened.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
updated January 1997

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