Durand's Forge
6431 Carman  Road 
New York  14863 
(607) 387-4493

A Short Biography and Résumé

Durand H. Van Doren II, artist, blacksmith, and designer, has pursued 
the creation of fine handmade ironwork for the past 25 years.

      As one who has wielded a blacksmith’s hammer for 25 years — since his late teens, Durand Van Doren has pursued the creation of fine ironwork with a singlemindedness rare in almost any career. After a start in a small production shop, Durand took early formal training with Master Smith Frank Turley in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He went on to develop an extensive network of private and commercial clients, via prestigious craftwork expositions and centers throughout the Northeast. 

     His work has been widely exhibited, in such venues as:
 • The American Craft Council’s Rhinebeck and Baltimore fairs
 • Paradise City’s Columbus Day Weekend Show, Northampton (MA)
 • The Morristown (NJ) fall craft fair
 • The WBAI (NYC) spring and fall craft events
     At such stores and galleries as:
 • Portico/Portico Bed & Bath in SoHo (Manhattan), Westport and
    Greenwich (CT), and Short Hills (NJ) 
 • Macy’s
 • America House Gallery (Tenafly/Piermont, New Jersey)
 • Pendragon Gallery, Annapolis, Maryland
     He has been spotlighted in such publications as:
 • The New York Times
 • The Philadelphia Inquirer (Inquirer Magazine)
 • New York Magazine (Best Bets)

• He has fabricated both large and small parts of the world-famous audio-kinetic sculptures designed by artist George Rhoads for Rock Stream Studios (Ithaca, NY).
• He has work in place at the new Globe Theatre gates in London, England (see image above), and has worked for the National Park Service; historic Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondack Park (NY); at the Moot Court Room, Law School, Cornell University; and for executives at Corning Glass (NY).

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     Made of a small corps of dedicated and experienced craftworkers, Durand’s Forge produces a steady stream of fine custom irornwork, ranging from small pieces of hardware to gates, grilles, fencing, fireplace and kitchen fixtures, furniture, garden sculpture, ecclesiastical pieces and historical restorations.
     Commissions come from local and regional sources and from as far afield as Boston, Chicago, New York and beyond, drawn to a shop where quality handmade work and customer satisfaction are paramount.