Please contact Homer Smith if you have questions.

      Please enter your lightlink e-mail address using your
lightlink username if you know it, not your virtual domain address.

     What is your Full Name?


     What's your phone number where you can be reached?
     Which POP are you dialing in to?
     What number do you dial up to?  Windows users -> My Computer ->
Dialup Networking -> double click on your dialup icon, phone number
should be listed.

     What kind of computer do you have?
     What is the make of your computer?
     If other, please list.

     What operating system are you running?

     If other, please list.

     Do you have other computers?
     Do you have the same problem with those computers?
     What kind of modem do you have?  Windows users -> My Computer ->
 Dialup Networking -> hit dialup icon with right mouse button once,
 hit on Properties, modem type is listed in the middle.
      Courier V.90 Ext
     Is your modem an internal or external modem?
     Is your modem line connected to a splitter or directly to the wall?
     Do you have call waiting on your phone line?

     What phone company do you use?

     If other phone company, please list

     When did your problem start?

     If recently, please enter approximate date.

     If the problem has always existed, has it

     While signing on, do you have to dialup many times before
you get a stable connection?
     Do you get disconnected every time you send and e-mail?
     Do you get disconnected while web browsing?
     Please enter general comments or description of problem.
     What program and version number do you use to read your e-mail?
      Outlook 5.x
     What program and version do you use to browse the web?
      Netscape 4.9
     What other equipment do you have connected to the same phone line
 as the modem?
     If other, please list
     What Virus software are you running?
     If other, please list
     Have you added any new software recently before the disconnects
 started happening?
     If yes, please list
     Can you hear noise or static on your computer's phone line when
 you use it to call out?
     How many separate phone lines do you have with different numbers?
     Have you been online with other providers?
     If so, please list which ones.
     Did you have connection problems with them?
     Please tell us something about why you switched providers?