Thanks for dropping in to the website. My wireless experience began at the age of eighteen, when my father gave me a job at his cellular phone shop almost twelve years ago. It still excites me to think about how many changes have happened to wireless in the past eleven years. Comparing a $459 "bag-phone" from 1990, to a new $459 Motorola v.60 flip phone is nothing short of a phone geek's fantasy. Funny though that with all the improvements, the experience itself still fails to be easy for most cellular users today. It can be easier, it just usually isn't. Why is that? Unusually effective and personalized service just isn't what big giant cash and carry phone stores are good at. That's what my company IthaCom focuses on. I don't worry about faster bigger and cheaper. I consider what you'll say when somebody asks you where you bought your phone. More than that...I put my heart into what your answer will be.