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Dagra Software

Today most of our programs involve the Internet and eCommerce. We often build systems that have elements that run on the Windows desktop supporting Web server programs that run in the Linux environment. Our programs often work behind the scenes to create the HTML that is sent to your browser, uniquely for you, as you read it. For example the program could query a database and send information to you that answered a question, explained a product or accepted your on-line order.

Some of our areas of particular programming strength are HTML, CGI, networking, connecting PC's to big systems, database applications and software bridges between programs or systems. We are now programming for Windows, Linux, Internet CGI using the C++ programming language as well as HTML and JavaScript in Web pages.

History of Davis Graphic Services, Inc.

Established in 1979 by Bea and Kim Davis, we began as a typesetting, graphics and printing company. With a combined experience in the printing industry of over 25 years and a leading edge attitude we soon found computers to be valuable tools. Within a couple of years customers were asking for telecommunication services from their own computer systems into our typesetting environment. Since no commercial products could do the job, our response was home grown software.

By the middle of the decade our software had become so successful with our customers that we decided to market it to other typesetting people. In 1986 at a show in Chicago Dagra/Set was introduced. During the next few years Dagra/Set typesetting system was sold to users in all parts of the U.S. as will as Canada, England and Australia.

The custom software tools that we write today reflect these years of experience.

Send us an e-mail message at kim@dagra.com. Be sure to include your phone number and we will get right back to you.