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A list of local businesses presented categorically based on the option you choose and the key word you supply. Click for Instructions or to add your business to this list at no charge or to edit the listing for your company.
Constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome,

Select from a short list of Major Business types. or
enter key word
Search options -
list category by keyword search, (eg. INSURANCE or GRAPHIC)
by company name, (eg. DAVIS or Tompkins)
for an individual by last name. (eg. Davis)
Note: Search is not case sensitive, Davis, DAVIS and davis all yield the same result.

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The database consists of business names, addresses, descriptions, e-mail addresses and URL's. The e-mail and URL's are live links, simply click to write a message or visit a Home Page. Each individual listing is keyed to one or more business categories, up to a maximum of fifteen. When a category is selected the software constructs the HTML list, in real time, and transmitts it for your browser to display. This scheme and the efficiency of the software combine to give the user the flexibility of selecting from multiple extraction models at run time.


There are five different ways to access the database, each with a different extraction model.
1. Click on the list of Major Business types.
2. Click Major Business types then click Show the complete Category List
3. Category key word search
4. Company name key word search
5. An Individual by name key word search

Note: You can always go back one screen with the Back button on your browser and change your selection.

List of major business types

Click on the list of Major Business types.
These are a few general business groups that yield a sub list in most cases. The sub list is usually less than two screens long creating a quick and efficient route to the listing you want to see.

Complete category list

Click Major Business types then click Show the complete Category List
You can then browse the alphabetized list choosing whatever business category best describes the list you want to see. This can be useful when you are unsure of the correct heading.

Category key word search

With list category by keyword search button checked
Each entry is linked to a key word list, for example, all insurance agencies will be listed if you choose insurance as the search string. If a real estate company also sells insurance they will turn up on that list as well. When the key word is ambiguous the system will generate a short list of categories from which to choose. An example is auto which will list auto clubs, auto repair, auto sales and perhaps a couple of others. You then click on the category you wish to display. The most productive search will be a single word or a 4 or 5 letter fragment of a word that you would expect to be contained in the business type header that you want listed.

Company name

With by company name button checked
Again a single word that you would expect to be contained within the company name is a good starting point. A list will be generated of all businesses that contain your search regardless of the type of work that they do.

An Individual by name

With for an individual by last name button checked
In this case the contact people and the company name will be searched. For example if you search for Davis you will get a listing of Businesses with a Davis associated.

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To add your business to this list or revise your current listing

Start here then follow on screen directions for registration. Or read instructions now.
Enter a key word from within your company name:

Note: Search is not case sensitive, Davis, DAVIS and davis all yield the same result.

Instructions for registration

Your business can be listed here if it is located in the Tompkins County area. If you have a Web page on the Internet it can be on any computer in the world, but your business must have a local address, local phone number and a valid e-mail address to qualify. There is no cost for a listing here, however we do request that you place a link in your page to FastFinder Tompkins County Business List. Get HTML code for this link by instant e-mail. This is not required, but the more of us that work together the more valuable to the community this service will be.
The URL for this list is:

We review each submission before it is added to the database, this takes about 24 hours. You will recieve an email notification that your entry has been updated or added.

Although the purpose of this list is to support businesses with an Internet presence we welcome others with the hope that they will join us on the Web.
To register by snail mail send information to:
Kim Davis
Dagra Software
113 Emmons Road
Lansing, NY 14882

Field by field explanation of the form

The steps for registration

1. You enter a key word here and the system will return a list of company names that contain that word. At the bottom of the listing is a choice that creates a new entry starting with a blank form.

2. Once you find your entry (or choose the new entry) the system will return a form that is filled in with your data ready for you to edit and submit. Be sure to check the categories that your company should be listed under (up to 15 headings). Please choose only those headings for which your company actually provides goods or services.

3. Submit the completed form and the system will check the result, then either
a) accept it and display the data,
b) or reject it and tell you why. You can then click the back button of your browser, correct the form and submit it again.

Note: The listings and revisions that you submit here are held in a holding file subject to review prior to being added into the master list. An accepted entry is then e-mailed to you and placed in the master list simultaneously, this might take a day or two.

Back to the add your business starting point.

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