Scanned at reunion

group1 group2-a harriet anne howell cox-a moses and cow-1 moses webb cox-a
Name these people Ernest, Walter, Jack, Bertha Harriet Anne Howell Cox Moses Cox age 88 with a cow Moses Cox
nina- john- nettie-a ninakid oakly- kiesinger- judd-c oldreunionnumbersm postcard1
Nina Kiesinger, John Kimble, Nettie Kimble Jessie Judd Harold McAllister Milborn Oakley, Hattie Oakley, Bertha Oakley, Beatrice Oakley, Gertrude Oakley, Nina Kiesinger, Jessie Judd old reunion Class Picture Alta Johns has blue X Teacher- Sarah Stevens
sarahobit unknown1 unknown2 unknown3 unknown4
Sarah Cox obit Unknown 1 Unknown 2 Bertha and Walter Kiesinger Unknown 4

Scanned at reunion
Some of these have been resized, if You need the full size scan, email Me
Many thanks to Scott, Cathy, Nina, and Walter
For their pictures and help