This page contains pages from Edward Snow Carpenter's family Bible,
and any other information I can find on the descendants of
Daniel Carpenter (born Jan 7, 1778)  and Ruth Snow (born Mar 17, 1791)
Daniel was born in Stockbridge MA. Ruth was born in Becket MA.
Daniel  moved to Berkshire NY in Tioga county, where they had 11 Children.


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(about 400k each, 3 minutes or so on a 28.8 modem)
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Births 1
Births 2 Deaths
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(Daniel's Father) descendents
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(My father) Ancestors 
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Daniel Carpenter
Ruth Snow
Married March 10, 1807
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The "text versions of these pages were typed in by Me, (Craig Carpenter)

I tried My best to decipher the old writing on the pages, 
but some of it is hard to read and there are probaby a few mistakes.

Some of the surnames listed are-
 Snow, Woolcutt, Haight, Hawley, Herrick, Sibley, Maples
(most of these married carpenters)

Information in brackets [ ] was added by Me
to (hopefully) make things clearer

If you have any information regarding the people here, 
or can read the text better than I did, please let me know.

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Feel free to send me Your questions as well.