Even more old photos

AudreyDommermuth Betty HaroldWedding BillGertLynnMyrtisGlenn CarmanCoxRes DommermuthHomeSeymour FlorenceMaryMiddaughSixMonths
Audrey Dommermuth Betty Dommermuth and Harold Guyer wedding Bill, Gertrude, Lynn, Myrtis, and Glen Perrin Home of Carman Cox Dommermuth home in Seymore ct. Florence Mary Middaugh
HaroldMcAllisterThreeHalfYears JennieBette1943 LibbyCox MaxJones Myrtis15months MyrtisFlowers
Harold McAllister Jennie and Betty Dommermuth Libby Cox Max Jones Myrtis Dommermuth 15 months Myrtis Dommermuth
MyrtisGlennWedding1 MyrtisGlennWedding2 MyrtisSeymourHS1923 MyrtleKeisinger OliveChild OliveDommermuth
Myrtis Dommermuth and Glen Perrin wedding Myrtis Dommermuth and Glen Perrin wedding Myrtis Dommermuth's High School Graduation 1923 Myrtle Kiesinger Olive Dommermuth Olive Dommermuth Nurse
OliveHat1923 OliveHenryCooper1972 RodeneDommermuth RodeneJennie    
Olive Dommermuth Olive Dommermuth and 2nd husband Henry Cooper Rodene Dommermuth Rodene Dommermuth and wife Jennie

Even more old photos
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