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Viability - Liability

I'd like to relate a story concerning Viability and Liability, which brought a message home to me in a ringingly clear fashion. Perhaps this particular message has nothing to do with you, but then again, you might know of someone who might benefit. If so, pass it on.

It goes like this: In the early '60's in New York before I began full time training in dianetics, I used to teach piano to students, as a handy adjunct to my music income. I had one student, Richard, who came regularly to lessons. He had a lot of enthusiasm for jazz, but was basically a New York Cabby. He wanted to do as I had done, which was to leave the workaday world, and become a jazz musician. So he came to his teacher three times a week for lessons.

Well, it was neither enthusiasm nor desire which kept Richard from achieving his goal. It was a deep seated conviction which his father had implanted, consisting of the following: "You can't make any money as a musician. Get a job where they need you. like Edison or the Subways..." And due to this conviction having been hammered into his consciousness, Richard was doomed as a musician from the start.

When he finally got to the point where he was ready to play publicly, as with all my students, I invited him over to the club where I held forth, and had him come up and take my seat during the Sunday afternoon jam session. It was a catharsis of some sort for Richard, because it was much like pulling teeth to get him up on the bandstand. He had a multitude of reasons why he wasn't going to make it. With much prodding, cajoling and downright bullying, I got him up to the piano, and he played and soloed on the two songs he had studied. Boy, was I proud of him!

But when he got down from the band stand, he said, "Well, I'm glad that's over with... I'll never do that again." And with that Richard really focused his complete energy into buying his New York City taxi cab medallion, never to touch the piano again, no matter what I said or did.

A couple of years later I got Richard to confess. I was about to depart for England to further my dianetic studies, and my communication skills were way up. When I asked him what had happened on the bandstand he said simply, "I just thought that there was no way I was going to make a living playing piano. When you let me get up there, something happened, and I remembered what my dad said..."

Richard was convinced (CONVICTION) that he had no chance at success as a jazz musician. So to him, being a jazz musician was a liability as there was no viability in it for him. He was convinced of that. He could just as easily have been convinced that there was viability as a jazz musician. And therein lies the moral.

All too often these days, I hear of people who write or call and say that 'This practice, or that guru" is what they are using to "handle their case". To them, there is no viability in clearing or training. They have been convinced by something far more powerful than their father.

They have been convinced by their case.

So it is no surprise to me when I hear of someone who has received a certain amount of counseling or clearing, but who has experienced little change, rant and rave about that organization, or this clearing practitioner or that procedure.

They have convinced themselves that there is no viability in clearing or training, and therefore, the practice of clearing and training is a liability ("Anyway, it costs too much... All you guys want is money... Why is counseling so expensive?" etc.).

The practitioner or the process is responsible for their well-being, from their point of view. This particular case manifestation is referred to in the technology as 'responsible-for-case-condition'.

Flip the coin and you have the field practitioner who really doesn't apply the technology but makes "loans" instead, or the field auditor who "doesn't believe" in this or that area of the technology, and so must hamper the viability of another auditor who is successful by `bad-mouthing' the successful practitioner, or claiming the successful practitioner isn't trained, ("Oh that guy is a liability - he was never trained"), thus insuring his own viability while damaging that of another.

The moral of all this is:


All you have to do is:




So whether it was Richard's father or some other ratty little person, be he or she in the field or in some old-style “organization”, in the final analysis YOU, not he or she, are the only one who is responsible for your case.

Viability or Liability, is up to you.

You see, we, in the Free Zone know our technology works.

And we know that all we have to do is HANDLE THE CASE IN FRONT OF US.

All you have to do is want to win, and place yourself there.

A bright new day of shining success dawns, when you decide that Viability is your path, and your clearing is the vehicle, with your Personal Sovereignty as the only goal worth pursuing.

LaMont Johnson

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