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Fun In The Sun

What joy! The summer is in full tilt, and the pleasures of this bright season are upon us. How much fun it is to let the sand of our favorite beach ("God, was it always this crowded?") dribble through our toes ("Yikes, this stuff is hot!! - YOW!")

The sun beams down upon us, ("Hand me the #15 Sun Screen, please, before I burn!"), and the waves roll in, with body surfers vying for the tube ("God, what an undertow!").

"Let's go back-packing in the High Sierras!"

"Let's go to Disneyland!"

"Let's go to the beach at Leo Carillo!"

"Let's go.... “

But somehow, either the weather (“Too hot”) or the locale, (“Too far”) or the ambiance, (“Too crowded”) tend to present barriers, and our best laid plans get lain aside.

What happened to our summer?

What happened to us?

What happened to our youthful outlook?

What it seems to boil down to is that one ceased to create "it", and thus, one is stuck with unwanted conditions, thereafter. We cease creating the adventure, we ceased creating the fun, the excitement. We got involved in politics, and expenses, and closes, and the ubiquitous 'newest-latest-greatest', and in the process, forgot the sparkle of the dew and the mystery of the sand crab, and the anemone.

We don't run as fast, climb as high, jump as far, or cuddle as much as we used to . We tend to brush it all aside by saying, "I'm an adult, now!"

But in truth, didn't the adults around you have fun? Or are you busy being your idea of "an adult"?

Oh, I don't want to ruffle any feathers here. I'm just wondering if the water really is too cold - is the sun really too hot - are the mountains really too far away?

Is it really that hard to create "Fun in the Sun?"

Perhaps, we really are the lucky one's, after all. We can do something about it. We know what the barriers to our own personal expansion are.

And in the Independent Field, those barriers are only as much of a barrier as one creates them to be.

Really, it's time to have Fun in the Sun, or it's time to unlock your potentials so you can have Fun in the Sun.

At least, that's how it seems to me. What do you think?

LaMont Johnson

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